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Exploring Funkadelic Vibes: B-MACK's New Release

Bruce Mack, the funk/jazz vocalist also known as B-MACK, has recently unveiled a new digital release featuring two dynamic singles, "Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse" and "Silent Witness".

Collaborating with emerging singer MsLarayne and guitarist Ben Tyree, B-MACK showcases his signature adventurous vocal improvisation and groove-heavy sound in these tracks. The songs mark a deeper exploration of his alternative style, drawing inspiration from Funkadelic vibes and showcasing his unique musical vision.

The evolution of B-MACK's sound can be traced back to his fruitful collaborations with guitarist and audio engineer Michael Richard Cox, bassist Kenneth Edmonds, and other talented musicians. With the recent addition of keyboardist Leon Gruenbaum, the band continues to push boundaries and experiment with gritty soundscapes that complement Mack's lyrical and melodic prowess.

Featuring a special appearance by Larayne on the ska-infused "Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse," this release represents a significant milestone for B-MACK as he continues to innovate and captivate audiences with his soulful music.

Check out Silent Witness below.


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