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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Julian Petrin's 'Tides of the Bloom' in its Re-imagined Form

Julian Petrin, the German-Italian composer, has just released a re-recorded version of one of his earliest works, titled "Tides of the Bloom". The instrumental theme was originally composed and performed in Munich in 1990 as theater music for a performance of Wedeking's "Spring's Awakening". The track captures the essence of the play, reflecting the desire for self-determination and a departure into life.

With the release of "Tides of the Bloom" on December 29, 2023, Julian Petrin aims to recreate the spirit of the time in which it was originally created while carefully translating it into the present day. The new version truly is a timeless and powerful piece that resonates with listeners across generations.

Julian Petrin's musical journey spans over three decades, and he has been gradually re-recording his extensive collection of music. His works bridge the gap between his musical roots in the eighties and nineties and contemporary electronic music. Influenced by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Gary Numan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Art of Noise, Petrin's music combines elements of jazz, impressionism, and electronic sounds.

Petrin's unique sound can be best described as cinematic ambient music, drawing inspiration from artists like Rone, Grandbrothers, Nils Frahm, and Niklas Paschburg. His compositions also bear resemblance to the works of renowned film music composers such as Vladimir Cosma, Philippe Sarde, and Francis Lai.

Some of Julian Petrin's previous works have been featured in Raphael Marionneau's "Café Abstrait" series, as well as on the "Mercedes Benz Mixtape" and the i:deology label. His music has garnered attention for its memorable melodies and atmospheric qualities, captivating listeners with its cinematic allure.

With the release of "Tides of the Bloom" the composer continues to share his musical journey and connect with audiences through his evocative compositions.


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