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ETOLUBOV Releases Her Debut Album: 'VSELUBOV'

Today we introduce you to ETOLUBOV, who has just released her debut album, "VSELUBOV", which showcases a fusion of contemporary pop, electronic, and Eastern music influences.

Originally from Ukraine and now based in Paris, ETOLUBOV's music reflects her diverse cultural background, incorporating elements from Greece, the Middle East, and Arabic countries. The album features potential hits and previously released singles like "Attraction", which has gained global recognition on Shazam charts. ETOLUBOV's music has garnered a growing international fan base, which is a pretty impressive feat despite the fact that she is an independent artist, lacking major label support.

The title "VSELUBOV", meaning “everything is love, all is love" in Ukrainian, encapsulates the artist's approach to her music and audience. With its light and airy arrangements, the album exudes a lounge music vibe while delivering catchy melodies and unique instrumentation, including Turkish saz, darbuka, and Indian tabla.

ETOLUBOV's experimental yet cohesive sound on "VSELUBOV" showcases her artistic evolution and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.


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