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Eric Dash Unveils Latest Single 'Learn From the Last Time'

Eric Dash’s latest single “Learn From the Last Time” showcases his return to his authentic self after getting lost in the pressures of the pop music world.

Dash, known for his chart-topping hit “One More Love Song” has toured with Heffron Drive and shared the stage with acts like Train and Nelly. His producer credits include the successful EP “Unspecified” with standout tracks like “Talk” and “Sober”. With an upcoming album “Bystander” on the horizon, Eric Dash is set to make an even bigger mark in the music industry.

His latest song “Learn From the Last Time” tells a poignant story of living in a loop and the hope of breaking free from the cycles of repeating past mistakes in the realms of relationships.

Stay tuned for more music from Dash, including his new pop project “LOLA” which pays homage to his beloved dog. The single “Close To You” is set to drop in April.


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