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'Encore et Encore', Nosonic's Powerful Comeback

Nosonic makes a powerful comeback with their latest single "Encore et Encore", a preview of their upcoming third album "La Nuit et Le Jour".

The electro-rock band, now featuring vocalist Amalia, brings a fresh, rock-infused energy to their music. Following their previous album "L'excuse" Nosonic opted to record in Ireland with producer Angelo Presta, resulting in a dynamic blend of French lyrics and Anglo-Saxon influences that captivate listeners from the start.

This album showcases a new dimension of their sound, solidifying their place in the French alternative pop rock scene. With a mix of electronic pop rock sounds and thoughtful lyrics, the duo from Paris and Antibes delivers an unexpected and captivating musical journey.

"La Nuit et Le Jour" is a collection of 10 tracks that invite listeners to immerse themselves in energetic beats and profound storytelling, creating a unique and memorable musical experience.


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