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Enchanted Melodies: Paola Prestini and Nelson Patton's Musical Collaboration

Paola Prestini and Nelson Patton collaborate on the mesmerizing single "Rites and Rituals", and the upcoming "Ancient City", a musical journey that blends nature-inspired beauty with rhythmic storytelling.

The track takes listeners from a tranquil forest setting to a bustling town square, where characters Dave, Marlon, and Paola undergo transformative rites and rituals. Incorporating field samples and layered sounds, the music evokes a sense of mystery and enchantment, inviting listeners to explore the ordinary and magical aspects of life.

Through a blend of nature sounds and human voices "Ancient City" encourages reflection on everyday decisions and their profound impact. Prestini, known for her innovative multimedia works, brings a unique perspective to the composition, while Nelson Patton's instrumental prowess adds depth and texture to the sonic landscape.

Together, they create a captivating musical experience that is both enigmatic and transformative, weaving together elements of symbolism, ceremony, and cultural significance.


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