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Emma Miller unveils new single 'Just A Feeling'

Emma Miller's latest single "Just A Feeling" offers a glimpse into the emotional journey of navigating unexpected turbulence.

The track delves into the transitory nature of emotions, highlighting the fleeting intensity of even the darkest moments. Drawing inspiration from the Scottish landscapes, Emma weaves a tapestry of harmonies and introspective lyrics, accompanied by innovative synths and atmospheric elements.

Produced by Lucas Mendes, the song features a fusion of alt-folk aesthetics with hip-hop influenced drums by Daniel Kinde. The blend of heartfelt storytelling and intricate production nuances adds depth to the cathartic ballad. Emma reflects on her personal struggles, finding solace in music as a means of processing her feelings.

As she gears up for the release of her upcoming EP "Artifacts" and a special live performance at Gordon Castle's "The Walled Garden", Emma Miller invites audiences to join her on a transformative musical journey.


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