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Embracing Self-Love: The Storeys' Debut Single

Meet The Storeys, a husband and wife power duo hailing from London and now based in Northampton, UK. They have just unveiled their debut single, "Self Love Affair". This empowering track sets the stage for a new chapter in their musical journey, encouraging listeners to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and empowerment.

With a track record of over 50 million streams on Spotify, The Storeys showcase their songwriting and producing prowess in crafting a captivating tune. "Self Love Affair" goes beyond being just a song; it serves as a tribute to embracing one's authentic self and championing individuality.

Through heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and a touch of 80s nostalgia, The Storeys convey a powerful message of self-acceptance and resilience. Their mission is clear: to inspire others to love themselves, flaws and all, and to foster a deeper sense of self-worth. "It's time to kick-start a love affair with oneself", as The Storeys eloquently put it.


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