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Eleonora Claps Releases New Album '10PM'

Eleonora Claps, the talented singer-songwriter and drummer hailing from Milan and now based in London, has unveiled her latest musical offering, the captivating album "10PM".

This collection of original tracks delves into the complexities of adulthood, motherhood, and the wistful longing for days gone by, all while addressing the fast pace and obstacles of contemporary life. From heartfelt ballads to lively tunes, Eleonora's vocals and percussion shine throughout the album, complemented by John Crawford's skillful piano and Wurlitzer playing, and Andy Hamill's versatile double bass and electric bass work.

"10PM" seamlessly blends elements of jazz and pop, paying homage to Eleonora's rock roots from her earlier days as a drummer. The album's lyrics are raw and authentic, offering listeners a glimpse into genuine storytelling.

So check the single below. This release follows Eleonora's well-received debut album "Stars" from 2015, solidifying her position as a noteworthy presence in the music scene.


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