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Edie Yvonne Releases Cover of 'Fade Into You'

Edie Yvonne, a talented 15-year-old indie-pop artist hailing from Los Angeles, is making waves with her latest cover of Mazzy Star's classic "Fade Into You".

The song holds a special place in Edie's heart, as it marked a turning point in her musical journey. At just 10 years old, she captivated audiences with a performance at the Bootleg theater during Anna Bulbrook's Girl School festival, where she sang "Fade Into You".

The song is set to be part of her EP #covers, which includes other hits like "No Rain" and the upcoming release of "Sometimes" by No Doubt. Edie is also currently in the process of creating her upcoming album "Girl Code".

Produced by the dynamic duo Nicky Swedin & Cormac Liotta, this cover single is a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking fresh indie-pop and shoegaze sounds.

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