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Dr. Dawsound Releases Debut Album: 'Universal Love'

Dr. Dawsound, a talented songwriter and producer hailing from Marseille, France, has recently released his debut album "Universal Love".

The album features 12 singles, with the initial tracks showcasing a blend of pop and dance infused with a vintage flair. Dr. Dawsound's music exudes a sense of hope in a world that can often feel melancholic. He also has released instrumental versions of all of them.

Working diligently in his home studio, Dr. Dawsound handles all aspects of production, from crafting beats without the use of samples to writing lyrics and melodies. The album features many international artists that Dr. Dawsound collaborated with online to record the vocals in the songs, and worked with sound engineer Daniela Rivera to expertly mix them.

With a meticulous approach to music creation, Dr. Dawsound's unique sound captivates listeners with its diverse influences and heartfelt compositions. So check his music below.


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