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Discover Jozef Aleks' Powerful New Single 'Bleed'

Today we present to you a talented musician, Jozef Aleks, and his electrifying new track called "Bleed" (released 04/11/23). This 90s rock-inspired song, written and produced by Aleks himself, explores the concept of having a dream and pursuing it relentlessly, even to a fault.

Jozef is a multi-talented artist who handles everything on the records, from guitar and bass to keyboard and vocals. His influences range from classical genius Mozart to iconic bands like The Beatles and Metallica.

Recorded at his home studio in Melbourne, "Bleed" showcases Aleks' immense production skills. While the track embodies a 90s rock/grunge vibe, he also adds his own unique touch by incorporating elements from other genres. The melodic vocals, for instance, evoke a 60s feel rather than typical 90s rock, and even the bridge guitar riff diverges from grunge.

The meaning behind "Bleed" lies in the pursuit of one's dreams and the dedication required to manifest them. It's a song that resonates with those who understand the notion of giving everything, including shedding blood metaphorically, for what they believe in.

Check out Alex's music on Spotify and other streaming platforms, and be sure to connect with him via the links are below.


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