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Disco Sam Releases New Album: 'Here in the Year of Triangles'

Disco Sam's latest album "Here in the Year of Triangles" delves into the psychedelic realm of love without limits.

Led by the multi-talented Disco Sam on vocals and a variety of instruments, including violin, guitar, piano, bass, and drums, the album was crafted in Disco's own home studio. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic experience, the album stays true to the 60's era both lyrically and sonically.

Each track is a love song intertwined with the trippy essence of psychedelics, with Disco Sam sharing that the initial spark for the album came from a love-induced feeling reminiscent of LSD.

Through a blend of nostalgic sounds and heartfelt lyrics "Here in the Year of Triangles" aims to capture the essence of a bygone era while exploring the boundless nature of love in a psychedelic light.


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