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Del'Noire Releases Debut EP The 'Haunting Of Del'Noire'

Matyascorvinus, known for his acclaimed singles and EPs, embarks on a new venture with Del'Noire, a project that diverges from his previous works.

Del'Noire's debut EP "The Haunting Of Del'Noire" introduces an electrifying sound, blending gloomy yet melodic tunes with modern drum beats. The artist's signature style, characterized by strong melodies and a touch of midnight chill, takes on a fresh form in this release.

Inspired by a serendipitous encounter with the Bandlab app, Matyascorvinus delved into creating music, drawing from his love for string arrangements. Incorporating traditional elements into a contemporary framework, Del'Noire's tracks offer a unique blend of genres, catering to fans of EDM and trance.

Matyascorvinus meticulously mixed the record only trusting his instincts and ears to sculpt each song. The result is a hauntingly beautiful EP that explores themes of macabre, horror, and Gothic through captivating melodies and rhythms. "The Haunting Of Del'Noire" stands as a testament to creative exploration and artistic evolution.


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