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DEEP DIVE SPECIES Unveil 'Penultimate', Latest Single From Their Upcoming Album

DEEP DIVE SPECIES have just unveiled "Penultimate", the latest single from their upcoming album.

Comprised of Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich, the duo's unique blend of electronica, post-rock, trip hop, and alternative genres shines through in this cinematic and grandiose track. With elements of IDM and dubstep sprinkled in "Penultimate" exudes a cinematic quality that could easily find its place in various visual mediums like films, documentaries, blogs, or advertisements.

Despite its cinematic appeal, the track remains true to DEEP DIVE SPECIES' signature sound, offering a captivating fusion of genres that sets them apart in the music scene. Produced by Militsin and Popovich, and mastered by Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering, "Penultimate" is a testament to the duo's creative prowess and musical ingenuity.

Released under the label OMNINORM, this single is a promising glimpse into what the upcoming album has in store.


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