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DEEP DIVE SPECIES Celebrate Second Anniversary Of Debut Album With 'YOLO'

DEEP DIVE SPECIES marked the second anniversary of their debut album "Aquaphilia" with the release of a new video for their track "YOLO".

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The duo, formed during the 2020 lockdown in New York, consists of electronic music veteran Vadim Militsin and guitarist/vocalist Sergey Popovich. Militsin, known for his work in projects like AUTiSM and Logica Abstracta, collaborates with Popovich, who has a rich musical background with bands like Vopli Vodoplyasova and Hey! Lubo!.

"Aquaphilia" showcases the seamless collaboration between the two artists, with intricate bits and loops exchanged until the final pieces come together in harmony.

The album, composed and produced by Militsin and Popovich, demonstrates their musical prowess and creativity. The video for "YOLO," created by Zen!a, adds another layer of visual artistry to their innovative sound.

Join DEEP DIVE SPECIES in celebrating second anniversary of "Aquaphilia" below.

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