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David Moore unveils new album 'Get The Led Out!'

David Moore's latest album "Get The Led Out!" marks a shift towards a more high-energy rock sound compared to his previous releases.

Following a 20-year hiatus from music, Moore returned with a folk/rock inspired debut album in late 2022, followed by a second album in spring 2023. For this new record, he sought to embrace his rock roots and elevate the tempo.

Collaborating with esteemed musicians, Moore crafted tracks that showcase his diverse skills as a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, harmonica player, and keyboardist. The album features a special collaboration with Chris McConville on the title track, while all other songs were penned solely by Moore himself.

Recorded at Ground Zero Studios in Texas, "Get The Led Out!" is a tribute to classic rock influences from the 60's and a celebration of late bandmates Jim Patterson and Wayne Jarvis, with whom Moore shared the stage in the 80's club scene.


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