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Dark and Captivating - Therese's Latest EP: 'Masochist'

Therese's latest EP "Masochist" offers a dark and captivating musical journey through themes of pain and pleasure. With a unique blend of R&B, blues, and soul, Therese's music stands out for its haunting and hypnotic sound that sets her apart from the rest.

Each track on the 6-song EP is a cathartic expression of personal experiences, creating a deeply relatable and immersive listening experience. In today's society, where the exploration of such themes is increasingly relevant, "Masochist" serves as a timely and thought-provoking musical feature.

Recorded in Seattle, the EP showcases Therese's influences of R&B, soul, and blues. The six songs delve into themes of complex emotions and relationships. "Wondering" explores unrequited feelings, "Pretending" delves into hidden emotions, "Star Crossed" reflects on doomed relationships, "Math" portrays recklessness in love, "Before Sunrise" addresses false promises in relationships, and "How Do I" grapples with the realization that a person may not be the right match despite the desire to be with them.

Immerse yourselves in this truly unique release through the links below, or look it up on your preferred streaming platform.


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