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Darià Artiola Unveils New Album "If Memories Had Eyes'

Darià Artiola's has just released his album "If Memories Had Eyes", a labor of love and collaboration that transcends the typical artist's view of their work.

The project delves into the intricate tapestry of memories and experiences that shape our identities. Through 14 songs and over 45 minutes of music, Artiola invites listeners to ponder the nature of reality and the profound impact of our past on our present selves.

The album, expertly produced by IK Miranda in Barcelona, features a talented ensemble including Albert Aran on drums, Antonio Rubio on guitars, Adrià Pastor on bass, IK Miranda on synth & guitars, and Darià Artiola on vocals & guitars. The evocative artwork, crafted by Antonio Rubio and Albert Aran, complements the introspective themes explored in the music.

"If Memories Had Eyes" is a thought-provoking musical experience that is now available for streaming. Don't miss the exclusive presentation concert at Almo2Bar on May 10th, 2024, where Artiola's masterful storytelling will come to life on stage.


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