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Dag och Natt's latest single 'Writing of a Story'

Dag och Natt, the musical quartet hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, has recently dropped their latest single, "Writing of a Story".

Consisting of three talented female vocalists and a skilled male drummer, the group's sound is described as a blend of density and airiness, showcasing meticulously composed melodies.

Originally, the band contemplated dividing into two distinct entities named "Dag" and "Natt" ("Day" and "Night"), but eventually decided to merge under the unified name "Dag och Natt" ("Day and Night") to encapsulate the duality of light and darkness within their music. Drawing from their extensive experience in the Stockholm indie music scene dating back to the 1990's, the members, Sara, Elia, Maja, and Lars, come together once again to create a unique musical tapestry.

With a debut EP titled "Years and years" scheduled for release later in 2024 and another exciting project on the horizon, Dag och Natt proves to be a group worth keeping an eye on for music enthusiasts.


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