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Culann's "Songs of Saints & Reivers" EP: A Raw and Emotive Musical Journey

Culann, winners of the 'Best Rock/Alternative' award at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, have released their highly anticipated EP, "Songs of Saints & Reivers." This collection of four new songs showcases the band's unique blend of traditional Scottish sounds and contemporary lyrical approach.

Abandoning the norms of traditional songwriting, Culann fearlessly incorporates complex breaks, time changes, and heartfelt lyrics into each track. With a raw and honest approach, they create a sound that is both captivating and emotive. From start to finish, "Songs of Saints & Reivers" takes listeners on an exciting musical journey.

Recorded in the idyllic Watercolour Studios in the Scottish Highlands and mastered by the legendary Jon Astley, this EP exemplifies Culann's dedication to pouring their hearts and souls into their music. Each song is a testament to their love for creating music together and showcases their growth as artists.

Lead singer PJ Kelly describes the EP as a collection of their most personal songs to date, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share this new music with their fans. "Songs of Saints & Reivers" marks an exciting new chapter for Culann, solidifying their place in the Scottish music scene.

With its raw energy, heartfelt lyrics, and distinctive sound, Culann's "Songs of Saints & Reivers" EP is a must-listen for fans of rock and alternative music. Prepare to be moved by their powerful storytelling and immerse yourself in the captivating world they have created.

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