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Country music star Ashley Puckett releases new single: 'Anchor'

Country music star Ashley Puckett has unveiled her latest emotional single "Anchor", a collaboration with talented songwriters Andrew Douglas and Nathan Beatty.

The song's heartfelt lyrics celebrate the unwavering strength found in love during life's toughest moments. With her soulful vocals and poignant delivery, Ashley showcases her profound connection to the music, resonating deeply with her audience.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Ashley's musical journey began in her youth, flourishing through vocal competitions, local performances, and late-night gigs. Her dedication and resilience have led her to work with renowned musicians like Bryan Cole and Doug Kasper, culminating in her debut album "Never Say Never", and made waves in 2020 with hits like "Bulletproof" and "What's Her Name", and "Tequila" in 2023.

Through setbacks and successes, Ashley's career trajectory has brought her to the forefront of the country music scene, proving that every detour has its purpose. Check out the new single below.


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