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Country artist Kelsey Hart releases debut album: 'Life With You'

Country artist Kelsey Hart has made a splash with his debut album "Life With You", released by Curb Records.

The album provides a mix of powerful anthems and heartfelt love ballads, offering a glimpse into the artist's personal journey and experiences. Kelsey pays homage to his loved ones through heartfelt tracks, while also exploring themes of heartbreak and nostalgia for small-town life.

The standout track "Life With You" not only serves as the album's title but has also garnered viral success, capturing listeners with its emotional depth and authentic storytelling. Following the album's release, Kelsey quickly climbed the charts and gained recognition on social media platforms, showcasing his undeniable talent and connection with audiences.

With more performances on the line, and an upcoming Grand Ole Opry debut on June 28th, Kelsey Hart's musical career is on a promising path, fulfilling a dream he has cherished for over a decade. Check out the album below.


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