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Cory M. Coons unveils new single 'White Picket Fence'

Entrenched within the music scenes for three decades, artist Cory M. Coons unveils a musical gem with his newest single, "White Picket Fence".

A fusion of classic melodic rock and Americana, Cory' versatile sound has charmed audiences worldwide. Noteworthy is the special release of "Across The Great Divide (Album Cuts & Singles 2012-2022)", a celebratory compilation marking his musical odyssey. This deluxe edition not only showcases his greatest hits but also features the new track, "White Picket Fence", serving as a testament to his growth and artistry.

The album's 21 tracks embody the soulful essence of Cory' Americana roots and melodic rock finesse. Accompanied by an exclusive downloadable PDF booklet, fans gain insight into Cory's lyrical prowess and personal anecdotes, enriching the listener's journey through his music.

As Cory M. Coons secures a nomination for Best Multi-Genre Artist at the Josie Music Awards, this retrospective release cements his status as a revered figure in the industry. Check it out below.


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