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Colourshop's ode to beauty in latest single 'Florence'

Colourshop's latest single "Florence" is a celebration of intrinsic beauty and timeless charm.

The song, influenced by 60's Italian pop and French chansons takes listeners on a magical stroll through the enchanting streets of Florence, reflecting on the ephemeral nature of beauty. Produced by Jason Boshoff and Oscar Garcia Bragado in Barcelona, the track is a poignant reminder of the essential nature of beauty in our world.

The lyrics of "Florence" express a deep longing for beauty, emphasizing its importance in our lives. The chorus, sung in Italian, reflects a continuous yearning for beauty that transcends mere superficiality.

To promote the single, Colourshop is embarking on a unique bike tour from Anagni to Barcelona, showcasing the beauty of nature, art, and architecture along the way. This journey mirrors the themes of the song, inviting listeners to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

Experience the magic of "Florence" by Colourshop, a folk-pop gem that is sure to captivate and inspire.


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