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Colin Bragg unveils new album titled 'Permission to Feel'

Atlanta-based guitarist and composer Colin Bragg delivers a deeply introspective journey in his latest album "Permission to Feel".

Through a fusion of guitar, electronics, and synthesizers, Colin explores themes of loss and anxiety with a cinematic quality that blurs traditional genre boundaries. Influenced by a diverse range of inspirations, each track on the album tells a unique story: from the haunting drone of "Chandra" to the raw, emotive energy of "Yawp".

Colin's multifaceted approach to music, blending jazz improvisation, classical motifs, and rock elements, creates a contemporary sound that is uniquely his own. With a background in collaborations with arts organizations and a strong artistic lineage, including visual artists in his family, Colin's creative vision extends beyond music to encompass visual arts in his album covers and design work.

"Permission to Feel" is a poignant and reflective work that showcases Colin Bragg's artistic versatility and depth. Check out the album below.


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