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Clevelode releases new album 'Muntjac'

In Clevelode's latest album "Muntjac", Paul Newland and his musical companions embark on a melodic exploration that pays homage to the enchanting Epping Forest and its surroundings in northeast London.

This project intricately weaves together introspective narratives on the impact of one's birthplace and cultural heritage through life's journey. Paul's collaboration with Mike Seal on double bass and Emma Morton of the folk trio Sairie brings depth and dimension to the album, blending psycho-geographical songwriting with avant-garde musical elements.

Garnering praise from various respected publications, "Muntjac" has received widespread airplay and captivated audiences with its unique sound and emotive storytelling.

Recorded in Malvern and expertly mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw, "Muntjac" is a testament to Clevelode's dedication to their craft. Be sure not to miss this captivating exploration of sound and storytelling.


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