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Cholly Releases Stripped Back Version of 'Anomaly'

Cholly, the artist moniker of the musician Chloe, unveils a new version of a selection of songs in EP "Anomaly (Stripped Back)".

The tracks, originally part of her album "Anomaly" have been delicately stripped down to their core essence, creating a haunting tapestry of dynamic keys, gentle strings, and ethereal vocal harmonies. Chloe, a multi-instrumentalist who primarily works with Ableton Live, transforms recordings from various sources into unrecognizable sonic landscapes.

Despite facing challenges like chronic RSI, and for how long she can play instrument, she chose to record the tracks that were the closest to her heart - "Story", "Polymorphic" and "Circles". The EP, recorded in her own space and expertly mixed by Conor Amos, showcases Cholly's experimental electronic pop style, blending pulsing electronica, future garage vibes, and lo-fi art-pop grooves.

With a desire to keep the songs' meanings open to interpretation, Cholly invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sonic ether she skillfully crafts.

You can check out the EP below, and also you can get the original "Anomaly" album on vinyl here.


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