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Child of SP unveils new single 'Issues' alongside visually captivating video

Brazilian artist Child of SP has unveiled his latest single "Issues", a stirring fusion of hip-hop and soul that delves into the cultural complexities central to his artistry.

"Issues" showcases Child of SP's soulful vocals and R&B-inspired melodies layered over spacious drum beats, resulting in an ethereal and emotive piece that mirrors the emotional depth of its lyrics. Reflecting on a past relationship following his move from Brazil to Europe, the song encapsulates a narrative of understanding and collaboration to navigate growing distances.

Breaking industry records early in his career, Child of SP has made waves as the first Brazilian artist singing solely in English to secure a major label deal and gain radio exposure for his debut single "Smoke" showcasing his remarkable talent and paving the way for future success.

"Issues" is now available on all major platforms. Check out the visually captivating video below, directed by Peter Moutinho, in which the contrasting black-and-white and color scenes follow Child of SP and his partner through the city, capturing the unspoken tension between them.


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