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Chasing Dreams: Wyn Starks' Empowering Single 'Run'

Wyn Starks, a talented artist signed with Curb Records, delves into the theme of chasing dreams in his latest single 'Run'. The track, co-written with Fred Williams, serves as a motivational anthem urging listeners to overcome their fears and take risks.

Starks draws inspiration from personal experiences and observations of individuals who let fear hinder their potential. The song's dynamic sound, featuring a blend of electric guitars, synths, and drums, evokes comparisons to renowned acts like The Killers and The Weeknd.

Produced by Fred Williams and mixed by John Catlin, 'Run' is a pop-rock gem that showcases Starks' artistic courage.

With a background in gospel music and influences ranging from Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, Starks' musical journey has been marked by growth and exploration. His upcoming album promises a fusion of R&B, soul, pop, and '80s rock, reflecting his evolving musical style and fearless approach to creativity.


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