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Chapell releases new single 'When the Music Plays Again'

Chapell has just released a compelling new single titled "When the Music Plays Again". The song conveys the longing and hope of a songwriter yearning for the opportunity to share their music with the world. The track features guitar work by Clint Wells and violin melodies by Lorenza that elevate the chorus to a whole new level.

Alan Chapell's music is a fusion of 80's and 90's sonic textures with introspective 70's lyricism. Known for his critically acclaimed albums, Chapell has a knack for crafting timeless stories with intricate themes. With his latest album "The Underground Music Show", Chapell showcases his skill in weaving compelling narratives with captivating melodies.

Chapell's ability to engage listeners on a profound level is evident in his music, drawing them in with thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melodies. His live performances are more than just concerts, they are shared experiences that connect individuals through music.

Chapell's music invites listeners to delve into layers of emotion and contemplation while enjoying a harmonious and uplifting musical journey. "When the Music Plays Again" is yet another testament to his ability to create timeless melodies that speak to the core of human emotions. Check it out below.


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