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Chance the Closer Unveils 'Rave with Us'

Chance the Closer, a prominent name in the electronic music realm, has just unveiled his latest creation, "Rave with Us". It is a remix compilation album with a main focus of the track "Rave with Me". It is a dynamic blend of dubstep and EDM elements that promises to captivate audiences worldwide and it serves as a gateway to a spellbinding voyage through pulsating rhythms and irresistible tunes.

Diving into the remix realm, the album is a compilation of remixes of "Rave with Us" created by a diverse lineup of artists including Lion Mane, Tropnetic, Avrno, Arwium, Hubbuh Bhubbuh, Rivendere, and Narfstalgia, each infusing their unique styles into the mix, enriching the album with a tapestry of sonic experiences.

Available on all major streaming platforms, "Rave with Us" invites fans to immerse themselves in its infectious beats and euphoric melodies, promising a transformative listening journey. Chance the Closer's innovative approach to music curation solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the electronic music landscape, showcasing his talent and creativity in every note.


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