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CENTRIFUGE Unveil Latest Single 'The Spell'

CENTRIFUGE's latest single "The Spell" plunges listeners into a psychedelic journey through the depths of a haunting narrative about an eternal state of existence.

The track features a captivating descending guitar riff that sets the tone for a bluesy alt-rock experience, complemented by Miller's evocative vocals that convey a sense of fear and unease. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world where death is not the end but a transition to an invisible realm where one is unnoticed by loved ones, trapped in a perpetual limbo.

With a dynamic blend of chromatic guitar melodies and a driving rhythm section, CENTRIFUGE creates a sonic landscape that immerses listeners in a spellbinding exploration of mortality and immortality.

"The Spell" serves as a compelling preview of what's to come on CENTRIFUGE's upcoming EP "Daydreams & Breakdowns" promising a collection of thought-provoking and intense musical experiences.


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