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Carsten Schnell's latest single 'Heiss!'

Carsten Schnell returns with his latest single "Heiss!".

Blending 90s electronic vibes with modern dance sounds, "Heiss!" is an energetic track perfect for dancing or setting a positive mood, particularly on a summer day. Following the success of "I Have Been Waiting", Carsten continues to impress with his musical evolution seen in this new release.

As a classically trained composer, Carsten Schnell captivated audiences in 1992 with his innovative debut album "Adjust", establishing himself as a pioneering artist at BSC Music. His distinct musical style shines through in albums like "Acoustic Delusion" and "U!", where he defies traditional electronic boundaries. "Moments In The Past" showcases Schnell's fusion of symphonic roots with contemporary electronic elements.

Despite a hiatus from music, Carsten's return in 2021 with "Why do you lie to me?" demonstrates his skillful blend of electronic and blues elements, highlighting his enduring creativity and passion for music. Check out "Heiss!" below.


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