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Carl Liungman's Re-releases Solo Album 'Born'

Carl Liungman's latest album "Born", originally released in 2020-22, has been reintroduced to the music scene.

The album, recorded on a Fazioli grand piano in Benny Andersson's studio in Stockholm, offers a unique blend of minimalistic and hopeful piano compositions. Liungman's music is a blend of simplicity and intimacy, and the album is capturing the essence of life's journey from birth to final rest. The title track "Born", released as the first single, has already garnered positive feedback from listeners worldwide.

Liungman's inspiration from neoromanticism, neoclassicism, and modern minimalism shines through in his music, creating a captivating soundscape that fuses classical elements with contemporary structures. With a focus on delicate yet powerful piano melodies, "Born" invites listeners on a reflective and emotive musical journey.

Carl Liungman's dedication to capturing the essence of life through music is evident in this re-released album, showcasing his talent and creativity as a pianist.


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