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Canadian Indie Pop Duo Wotts Surprise Fans With New Single: 'there'

Canadian indie pop duo Wotts, comprising instrumentalist Jayem and bassist and guitarist Ricky 100, has pleasantly surprised fans with their latest single, "there".

Departing from their usual psychedelic pop sound, the new single is raw and intimate piano ballad with a warm violin. Produced by Jayem, "there" showcases the band's ability to effortlessly blend retro and contemporary elements in their music.

The song, which explores the theme of healthy and unconditional love, is a departure from their previous heartbreak-centered EP "Petals". With its warm aesthetics, lush strings, and heartfelt lyrics, "there" serves as a refreshing palette cleanser for the band as they transition into a new era.

With plans for a new EP on the horizon, Wotts is set to continue experimenting, breaking expectations and surprising their fans. Check out the single below.


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