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Broken Romeo Unveil Single 'Stay With Me' And Album 'Infirmus Orbis'

Broken Romeo, an Alternative Rock band hailing from Tucson, Arizona, is known for their diverse sound that blends classic rock with contemporary influences.

The band consists of James Turpin on lead vocals and guitars, Steve Turpin on lead guitars and vocals, Ari Sloane on bass, and Matt Ringnell on drums.

Their latest studio album "Infirmus Orbis" was created in 2020-21, drawing inspiration from the pandemics, unrest, and political turmoil of the time. Originally planned as an EP, the album evolved into a full-length release, set to be available digitally and on limited edition vinyl. The album will be unveiled track by track, with the already released single "Broken Man", followed by subsequent releases every 8-10 weeks.

The band's sixth single "Stay With Me", which was just released a few days ago, is a modern hard rock song featuring melodic vocals, progressive guitar riffs, and a powerful rhythm section. It is a testament to the band's evolution and musical prowess, setting high expectations for their upcoming album.

So check them out below through the provided links.


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