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Brighton's Dynamic Sound: Dry Run Release 'Cast the Spell'

Dry Run have just released their single "Cast the Spell". It’s a song that takes listeners on a whimsical journey through a ghost town of unresolved emotions.

The track showcases a dynamic blend of fuzzy guitar riffs, signaling a slight departure from the band's usual grungy style. Brighton-based Dry Run, composed of George Eddy on bass, Stuart Rushforth on guitar, and Mark Lane on vocals, infuse their music with influences from bands like Nirvana, Radiohead, and Queens of the Stone Age.

Recorded at Salvation Studios in Brighton, the single captures the band's mischievous spirit while exploring themes of excitement, frustration, and missed opportunities. With a focus on pure expression and not taking themselves too seriously, Dry Run encourages listeners to embrace their darker emotions with a sense of playfulness.

"Cast the Spell" invites audiences to reflect on the power they hold over their own emotional landscapes.

Check out the video and track below.


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