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Black River Ghost Unveil New Single 'Fire Of Love'

Black River Ghost, a band hailing from Helsinki, Finland, has recently unveiled their latest single "Fire Of Love".

The group, consisting of members from the punk'n'rollers Daggerplay, stumbled upon a new musical direction during an impromptu jam session at a party. Combining acoustic instruments with a raw, spiritual essence, Black River Ghost was born.

Their upcoming EP "Blues, Leave My Heart" produced by Bjarki Kaikumo, showcases the band's unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. "Fire Of Love", a universal love ballad penned by singer Pekko Mantzin, conveys a message of hope and unity in a world filled with turmoil. Mantzin's intention behind the song is to provide solace to those in need and spread joy to those who seek it.

With their soul-stirring music and genuine lyrics, Black River Ghost is set to captivate audiences with their heartfelt melodies and profound messages of peace and love.


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