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Beth Brandy Unveils Debut EP 'Double Standards'

Beth Brandy's debut EP "Double Standards" bursts onto the music scene with a mix of disco-pop anthems and soulful ballads that showcase her undeniable talent and infectious energy. Hailing from London, UK, Brandy's goal with this release is to uplift listeners and bring joy through positive and danceable tunes.

Featuring six tracks, including the catchy singles "Magic" and "Irresponsible" Brandy's EP explores themes of love, recklessness, and societal expectations.

Collaborating with acclaimed producers like Sam Hook and Jaycen Joshua, Brandy delivers a polished sound that seamlessly blends disco-funk vibes with sultry pop melodies. Drawing inspiration from artists like Anderson .Paak and Michael Jackson, Brandy's music exudes a nostalgic yet contemporary feel that is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.

With "Double Standards" Brandy showcases her artistry and evolution as a musician, offering a refreshing escape into a world of positivity and groove.

Check out the EP below and connect with Brandy through the links under it.


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