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Bearbonez' Single 'Crysknife'

Today we present to you "Crysknife", the single of Californian artist Kyle Hilmoe music project Bearbonez, drawing inspiration from the Dune book series and the ethereal sounds of David Bowie's "Blackstar".

Hilmoe's musical journey, from drumming in San Francisco to guitar-driven compositions, reflects a diverse range of influences showcased in his discography, from heavy rock to synth-pop.

The newly released "Crysknife" delves into the sci-fi world of God Emperor Leto II, capturing the essence of his transformation into a giant worm with a profound vision of humanity's past and future. The track stands out with its intricate vocal delivery, dynamic guitar riffs, and haunting synth arrangements, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with both Dune and Bowie fans alike.

With this release, Bearbonez invites listeners to immerse themselves in a fusion of storytelling and musical innovation that transcends traditional genre boundaries.


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