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Athena Joy: Blame it on the Brain. - A Captivating Journey of Indie/Dark Pop

Athena Joy's latest release, "Blame it on the Brain.," is a powerful testament to her talent as an indie/dark pop artist. With painfully honest lyrics, angelic vocals, brooding guitars, and power pop production, Athena Joy brings a unique and heartfelt spin to the genre. Hailing from Australia's Gold Coast/Brisbane region, Athena captivates listeners with her subtle sweetness and emotional, moody edge.

The inspiration behind "Blame it on the Brain." stems from Athena Joy's personal experience with chronic pain. Frustrated by the lack of answers from doctors, she channeled her emotions into this song.

Reflecting on her journey, Athena shares, "I was mad at them, I was mad at my body, I was mad at the world, everything. I truly never thought I'd be able to make music again... The song was honestly written to just vent... But I think what we've created is actually a really fun representation of that darkness and chaos I was feeling."

Despite the challenging circumstances that influenced its creation, "Blame it on the Brain." is far from a somber track. It manages to capture the essence of darkness and chaos while infusing a sense of fun and energy. Athena Joy's ability to translate her emotions into music is evident in the captivating melodies and infectious hooks that permeate the song.

With "Blame it on the Brain.," Athena Joy proves her resilience as an artist and her ability to transform personal struggles into relatable and engaging music. This release is a testament to her talent and marks an exciting chapter in her musical journey.


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