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Athena Aperta's latest single 'Facing the Sun'

Athena Aperta, a rising star from the UK music scene, delivers a powerful and unique sound that seamlessly combines folk and acoustic elements with soulful vocals, jazz influences, and a touch of indie in her latest single, "Facing the Sun".

The song carries a deeply personal message of hope and resilience, portraying the artist's journey of overcoming anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-doubt. With a background in outdoor sports and a passion for global collaboration, Athena's music reflects her adventurous spirit and dedication to creating a sense of community through her art.

"Facing the Sun" features a blend of bossa nova-inspired bass, indie-style guitar, and jazz-influenced saxophone, creating an upbeat and summery vibe that resonates with those struggling with mental health issues and addiction.

Athena Aperta's story of triumph and growth is an inspiring anthem for anyone seeking positivity and connection in their lives. Check out the single below.


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