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Artistic Fusion: Love Ghost releases 'The Speed of Dreaming' EP

After a string of single releases Love Ghost's has released their latest EP, "The Speed of Dreaming", which takes listeners on an emotional journey through four amazing tracks recorded in Mexico City.

The EP kicks off with "Be Not Afraid," a contemporary Pop Punk anthem delving into the theme of obsessive love. Produced by Alex Pedrero, the song is accompanied by a visually stunning AI music video created by the talented Latvian artist iastitraia. Following this is "ESPEJO," an emo alt. rock piece infused with acoustic Spanish guitar elements and bilingual lyrics, showcasing a collaboration between Love Ghost and El Santi from Mexico.

The EP continues with "LUNA AZUL," a blend of emo, pop, and rock with Spanish guitar influences, featuring collaborations with Mexican artists Helian and MONDE. Lastly, "Wallflower" wraps up the EP with its acoustic ballad style complemented by modern synth touches, all brought together by producer Alex Pedrero and a captivating AI music video by Polish artist Michal Toczek.

Love Ghost's impressive track record of single releases has garnered praise from renowned publications like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter, solidifying their position in the music scene. Their recent European tour and performances in Mexico City further showcase their growing influence in the industry. Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell is currently in Mexico collaborating with many Latin artists like Wiplash, FLVCKKA, Dan Garcia, Ritorukai, Go Golden Junk, Josue, Young Dupe, Helian Evans, and many more. With upcoming collaborations and projects on the horizon, including a highly anticipated album with Marilyn Manson's guitarist Tim Skold, Love Ghost's "The Speed of Dreaming" is a testament to their musical versatility and creative prowess.

Don't forget to check out the EP and connect with Love Ghost via the links below.


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