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Arkansas Harmony: Discovering 'A Natural State' with Cliff & Susan

Cliff & Susan, a talented married duo hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, have recently unveiled their latest single, "A Natural State", showcasing their musical prowess and heartfelt storytelling.

With a vast repertoire of over 2,000 songs, the duo's performances have captivated audiences worldwide, earning them a dedicated fan base. Their track "Fiddle & Keys" even caught the attention of Governor Mike Huckabee, leading to a special performance on his nationally televised show.

Crafted by Cliff Prowse and "The Voice" Season 17 alum Cory Jackson, "A Natural State" pays homage to rural upbringing and the charms of small-town living. Drawing inspiration from country icons like Brad Paisley and Alabama, the song's vibrant composition captures the essence of Arkansas through subtle references to its landscapes and culture.

This single, part of their debut album "Fiddle & Keys", has already made waves on streaming platforms, amassing over 100,000 streams on Spotify and securing a spot on the US iTunes Country Albums Top 40.

The release coincides with the announcement of their intimate "A Natural State" Private Concert Mini-Tour, promising fans an up-close and personal musical experience. Check the website link below for more info on that, and don't forget to check out the song and connect with Cliff & Susan on their socials.


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