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Ari Joshua Releases New Single: 'Rare Groove'

Today we present the newest release from Ari Joshua called "Rare Groove". You probably remember Ari from our previous article here.

Hi newest single once again showcases his musical prowess alongside a talented group of musicians. The track features Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ, Skerik on saxophone, and Grant Schroff on drums. Together, they create a seamless blend of sounds that captivate listeners from the first note to the last.

The warm tones of Lamarr's organ complement Joshua's guitar riffs, while Skerik's saxophone adds a touch of brilliance to the overall groove. The recording process utilized high-quality vintage audio equipment, resulting in a rich and vibrant sound that sets this track apart.

With previous releases like 'Soulmine' and 'Fresh' receiving acclaim from Apple Music and Spotify, Ari Joshua is on a mission to release 24 songs in 2024.

"Rare Groove" is a real testament to his dedication to keep on creating amazing music that resonates with audiences worldwide.


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