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ANTIBES: Exploring the Depths of Dreamy Avant-Dream Pop

Italian avant-dream pop band ANTIBES is making waves with their unique blend of guitar-based songwriting and synth-based pop experimentation. Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, and Metronomy, ANTIBES creates a dreamy, introspective, and joyfully melancholic sound.

Led by songwriter Andre Ballini, the band consists of three professional musicians from the Verona area: Luca Tommasi on drums, Edo Carli on keyboards and synths, and Michele Gelmini on bass. Together, they bring their individual talents and influences to create a musical vision that is both captivating and ethereal.

Their debut single, "Naked," was just released today. The track features a harp-like ukulele arpeggio, ethereal vocals, and synthesizers that come together to create a dreamy and watery sonic scenario. The song was self-produced and self-recorded in a home studio located in Ballini's childhood house in the hills of northern Italy. It was then mastered at Uri Studio in Verona, Italy.

ANTIBES' music is a journey into the depths of the subconscious, where dreamy melodies and introspective lyrics intertwine. With their refined songwriting and experimental approach, the band aims to create a unique and immersive listening experience for their audience.

As ANTIBES prepares to release their debut single, fans of dream pop and avant-garde music can look forward to a mesmerizing and captivating musical journey. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and be prepared to be transported to a dreamy sonic world.


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