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ANTHMZ unveil debut single 'Soft Core'

Atlanta-based punk group ANTHMZ has burst onto the music scene with their debut single "Soft Core", a preview of their upcoming EP "Summer Softcore".

Band founders Kyle Gordon and Houston B Perry III joined forces to create raw, unapologetic punk tracks in response to the cookie-cutter pop dominating today's music landscape.

The title track "Soft Core" delves into themes of self-sabotage and maintaining emotional distance. ANTHMZ's music is a fusion of garage funk, pop rock and rebellious punk, free from conformity. The band's energy translates effortlessly to the stage, and they are gearing up for their first US east coast tour, with plans for an international tour in 2025.

Recorded live at Bee Sting Manor in Atlanta, their EP "Summer Software" promises to be a collection of authentic, unfiltered rock tunes capturing the essence of ANTHMZ's bold, distinctive sound.


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