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Anna Salman Releases Debut EP 'This Summer Won't Last'

Anna Salman, a rising indie pop artist from Dallas, TX, has recently dropped her debut EP "This Summer Won't Last".

The EP delves deep into the complexities of relationships, capturing the essence of love, loss, and personal evolution. The opening track "Not the One" explores the realization of a relationship's demise despite efforts to salvage it. Anna's emotive vocals, paired with gentle piano melodies, create a captivating listening experience.

"I'd Like to Think" delves into the struggle of yearning to be someone's irreplaceable love, only to face the harsh reality of being replaceable. The track encapsulates the vulnerability and uncertainty of love.

"Summer" symbolizes a period of healing and renewal post-breakup, while "Miracle Worker" humorously addresses the pain of watching an ex move on.

The EP wraps up with "Thanks for Not Loving Me!" a heartfelt track about walking away from a promising yet unfulfilling relationship.

Produced by Rakae Jamil, Farhan Ali, and Abu Baker Zahid at Red Brick Studios, "This Summer Won't Last" is now streaming on all major platforms. Check it out below.


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