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Anacy unveils new single 'Delight'

Anacy, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, has released her latest single "Delight".

Crafted at Cosher Studios and perfected at Sunset Studios, the track's collaborative wizardry between producer Ross Rowley and artists Tanner Mason and Melissa Van Der Spay is evident in its blend of seductive melodies and poignant lyrics exploring desire and temptation.

ANACY's fearless storytelling approach in "Delight" signifies a bold leap in her musical journey, promising a live experience of its hypnotic allure in upcoming gigs across Cape Town and Johannesburg. The track's distinctive commitment to pushing pop music boundaries and inviting listeners to delve into their desires echoes in its dynamic and infectious sound, destined to captivate fans of contemporary pop music.

"Delight" stands as a triumphant statement of ANACY's artistic prowess, setting the stage for her forthcoming album and solidifying her status as a dominant presence in the pop music realm. Check out the single and video below.


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